About us

Gourmet Select Importas UAB is a food wholesaler (B2B) and special market purveyor. Specializing in the international import and distribution of cheeses and cured meats, the company has expanded its product categories to include artisan, rare and precious foods.

The company supplies its partners with the finest specialties from all over Italy and the EU, including typical, regional, PDO (DOP), PGI (IGP), and world-renowned products. Product selection focuses on quality and excellence.

The company sells its fresh and frozen products throughout the Baltics and beyond. Our strategically located warehouse in Kaunas, Lithuania, along with our logistics services ranging from truckloads to mixed pallets, allows us to tailor programs that meet our customers’ needs.


100% Certified & Traceable Products

Gourmet Select Importas is the go-to supplier for high-quality catering. It boldly and passionately continues its search for the best possible ingredients, often unfamiliar to most, in order to satisfy new trends in consumer behavior. We do white label dropshipping besides private labeling under your own brand name on demand. We work with purchasers whose needs do not fit into the traditional wholesale programs or the pricing model of a specialty food distributor.

Today the company stands out for offering its prime products from over 90 vendors, to respond to the demands of the high-profile category of food operators in the EU and abroad.